7 Steps


  • Providing sound and suitable building maintenance
  • Undertake general appraisal of current condition of timber substrates
  • Advise on other possible energy saving measures


  • Often better and cheaper to repair in situ can lead to large savings
  • Assess current condition of all the joinery
  • Makes recommendations on repairs and preventative maintenance measures

Maintenance Options

  • Offers clear program of planned maintenance
  • The program will prioritise different areas of refurbishment to achieve return of investment quickly

Contractor Selection

  • Provides intensive training courses for contractors nationwide
  • Qualify recommend contractors for all sizes and types of projects

Project Management

  • Provide high standard of application and superior performance of Repair Care products
  • Nationwide team of specialist technical advisors
  • Visit sites to monitor project progress


  • Provide 10 year guarantee upon completion
  • Record technical specification and maintenance plan for the duration of the guarantee

Project Monitoring

  • Offer periodic checks on stability and quality of repairs
  • Offer full quality audit if necessary can be carried out.

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