Complete Joinery Inspection Report

With the Repair Care inspection service anyone who is responsible for the exterior maintenance of properties can receive a report giving details of a complete survey of the condition of all exterior joinery.

This can help you plan your budget for the most cost-effective and sustainable maintenance program. Our specialist makes a complete inspection of any timber components and produces a clear report covering any existing decay problems and any areas of potential failures.

4 Easy Steps to Permanent Repairs

Initial Briefing

A detailed meeting with the client will establish exactly what is required from the survey. This will help us provide the most thorough and cost-effective report.  For 100%  accuracy all buildings and all timber components should be inspected. Residents are kept informed to ensure any disturbance is kept to a minimum.


On the agreed day our specialist surveyor will inspect the joinery discussed in the briefing and check for decay and areas of moisture ingress which could lead to decay. We will also consider the condition of the decorative coating and any general degradation of the timber. The information is digitally registered during the inspection.

Clear Reporting

The inspection report, fully supported by photographs, will give a recommendation on any curative or preventative measures needed for each item of the joinery. The completed survey sheet will enable an accurate cost calculation. A key feature of our service is the assurance of a unique 10 year guarantee.

Report Review

When we present the report we explain what repairs are recommended and why. There may be special considerations for listed buildings, for instance, or, occasionally, replacement may be a better solution than repair. If required, we can even supply a list of specialist, trained contractors to complete the repairs for you.

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