On-Site Support

For specifiers and contractors who value quality and a professional service, Repair Care provides a practical form of project management with a specialist technical advisor assigned to your project. We can tailor the level of support to your needs; with greater involvement, higher standards of application and better performance of the repairs is achieved.

Complete technical support, every step of the way
Our technical advisors are available to help with your project at all stages, with the emphasis on practical guidance. We can assist in project surveys, advise on types of repair and preventative treatments, arrange training for contractors and work with you to monitor progress on site.


At the request of contractors or clients, Repair Care can visit a project and complete a detailed assessment. This is a hands-on evaluation, by our specialist technical advisors, focusing on the quality of the application.


During the appraisal, we will check all aspects of the application; Is the preparation correct? Has the existing paint system been removed? Has the correct product been used? Are recommended health and safety precautions being taken? We even check that the contractor has a current training certificate as proof of their competence. A full report will be produced, including remedial action and further recommendations.

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