Specialist in sustainable maintenance

Total concept for sustainable wood repair
Repair Care stands for total solutions for sustainable timber restoration and maintenance. Not only do we have a wide range of quality products for joinery repair for the professional market, we offer training on how to use them to refurbish decayed and damaged timber. In addition, we provide comprehensive project management, offer advice and consultation services and are a trusted partner of many housing associations and local authorities.

Repair Care is active worldwide and the market leader in the UK, Netherlands and Germany.

The permanent repair of decayed or damaged timber has many advantages for the environment and also significantly reduces costs. The durability of Repair Care is in the quality of the products and the supporting services we offer. In fact, we are so confident in our products, we guarantee them for 10 years.

Jos van den Berg

“We are well known for our high quality products, but we do so much more. Annually, we train well over a thousand contractors across Europe and we also specialise in extensive project management. Together with a highly motivated team of professionals, we are continually developing sustainable innovations.”


– Jos van den Berg


Our vision:
‘Repair Care everywhere’

Repair Care takes a responsible approach to society and the environment through products and services that avoid the replacement of timber in construction. Longer use means less production.

We want to be successful in the global business-to-business market for timber maintenance.

Our mission

Repair Care

offers solutions for the filling, bonding and sealing of various materials.

Repair Care

encourages everyone to use our products and services, all over the world.

Repair Care

stands for the sustainable development and sales of premium quality products and services for durable repairs, construction and protection.

Repair Care

is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees by encouraging creativity, personal development and by providing a positive atmosphere.

Sustainable Solutions

The concept of timber repair
Repair Care International first introduced the concept of epoxy technology to repair joinery in 1989. Formerly known as Window Care Systems, the company was a result of years of product development. The original founders, with their innovative approach to timber repair, changed the attitude to long-term maintenance of joinery. Within a year, the concept was so successful, a sales office was opened in the UK.

Products with their own test program
In 1991 we built our own testing station at an altitude of 1,075m in an extreme climate in Austria, giving an ideal environment for assessing both substrates and repair systems. The following year, in collaboration with several independent institutes, special testing techniques were developed for timber repairs.

Worldwide leader in timber repair
In 2006, the company name changed to Repair Care International and we invested in our own production facilities and a modern laboratory for research, development and quality control. Early in 2007, we opened a sales office in Berlin reinforcing our position as the market leader in Europe. Our confidence in our products was underpinned by being the first company to introduce a full 10-year guarantee for both the repaired substrate and the coating system. Today, we are the global leader in the market for timber refurbishment.

Paul Ostlender

“Whether it is product improvement or innovation, contact with our customers is essential. Therefore, we not only carry out the most diverse laboratory tests, but we also get into the market, to experience real projects. There is so much for us to learn and our advantage lies in our knowledge.”


– Paul Ostlender

R&D Manager