DRY FLEX® 1 application video


DRY FLEX® 1 Instruction video

– 200 ml component A (red)
– 100 ml component B (transparent)

Pre-treatment: DRY FIX® 1

lastic repair compound for very fast timber repairs and splicing (paintable after 1 hour*).

Ideal for the permanent repair of decayed and damaged wood. Can be sanded and painted after 1 hour.

Suitable for:
– The permanent repair of decayed and rotten wood, includingwindows, doors, fascias/soffits, stairs and furniture.
– The quick emergency repair of damaged wood.
– The filling of cracks, gaps and construction joints.
– External and internal applications.

Quick and easy to apply with excellent modeling qualities and slump resistance.
Permanent, elastic repairs. The cured product accommodates natural movement in the timber.
Short curing time: can be sanded and painted after 1 hour*.
Once cured, the product can be treated like wood (planed, sawn, nailed, screwed, painted and stained).


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